Love Story Video

Love Story Video

Rather or not you’re engaged and looking at video for your Kansas City wedding, a love story video is a powerful testimony to your relationship in its own right. These videos don’t just have to be for engaged couples – they’re perfect for anniversaries, or for couples who missed a wedding video but want something to commemorate where they are now in their relationship after being married.

What is a Love Story Video?

A love story video is exactly what it sounds like – a video where you as a couple share the story of your relationship. How did you meet? What draws you to this person? How did your proposal happen? What are the most powerful moments that bonded you together? A love story video opens the door for you to share these anecdotes.

Are you a serious, romantic, sentimental couple? Your video will reflect that. Are you a silly couple? Your video can be lighthearted and fun.

Love Story Videos come in two flavors – Short and Extended.

Short videos are around two minutes, and allow time to tell the absolute crucial parts of your relationship story mixed with beautiful imagery from one location. The location can hold meaning for the couple, or be selected by Focused Story Films or the couple based purely on the aesthetics of it.

Long videos are five to six minutes long and give the couple much more time to really show off their personality and unique traits. Up to three distinct locations can be used. These videos tailor towards the couple who wants to tell a fuller story that reflects the key moments of their relationship. Do you guys love trying coffee at locally owned hole in the wall coffee shops? Let’s shoot some gorgeous imagery and interviews in your favorites. Are you nature lovers? Let’s head to some beautiful Kansas City trails. Urban explorers? The West Bottoms and Downtown KC are a perfect backdrop to tell the story of your romance.

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