Must Read: A Bride’s Biggest Regret

Brides, at Focused Story Films we care enough about you to share a hard truth with you. It’s important in prioritizing your budget that you don’t make the same mistake so many brides have made. Don’t be among the number of women who share a bride’s biggest regret.

Based on a survey done by The Huffington Post, 98% of brides who did not hire a videographer for their wedding regretted it badly, and some even called it their biggest regret. In our own experience of discussing what we do we frequently have married women express regret that they did not invest in wedding video.

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The Knot surveyed brides about their opinions on wedding video, and found a common theme among those who did not get video.

A bride wrote, “I had my wedding last month, and I regret not getting a videographer. I thought pictures would be enough and most people don’t watch their videos anyway, but your wedding goes by so fast and you miss a lot of things. Plus, I feel like I was in a blissful daze for a lot of it and would love to have the important things captured in video. Pictures just don’t capture everything.”

Conversely, a bride who was hesitant to invest in video, but did left this comment, “I was anti-video, but I bit the bullet and got one anyway. We don’t watch it very often, but I love having it there for me to watch. We had both the ceremony and reception filmed, and I love being able to see everything that I missed the night of my wedding.”

An article on discusses the author’s regret at not getting a wedding video after seeing her cousin’s, and realizing some of the deeper benefits of having one, such as being able to see relatives who’ve passed away since the wedding, or family members that you haven’t been able to visit in years. Years later, a bride’s biggest regret is not being able to see her family members who’ve passed away on video, together, having fun, because she was afraid to invest in capturing those memories.

A common mistake that we see brides make at Focused Story Films is that they wait to see if there is money left in their budget for video. Unfortunately, with weddings, that usually means that there is not an adequate budget left for a professional videographer, leaving brides with intense post-wedding regret.

Don’t wait until the wedding budget has run dry; what gets booked first will always be afforded.